From our LEEDS certified designer MELANIE MARTIN from Flow Environments

In the fall of 2011 and winter of 2012 Flow Environments worked with a new small business owner to realise her dream of opening a community hot-spot showcasing not only quality espresso and baked goods but also the handiwork of her homeland: Colombia.

The clientele and products are lively, colourful and joyous so FE soaked in the vibe for a bit to come up with a suitable environment for people to meet-up, share ideas and build their community over a good laugh and cup of coffee. It was a fun process and the results are invigorating!

Using salvaged, refurbished, and ethically sourced materials and furnishings fulfilled FE’s obligation to responsible design. Not only did the natural finishes serve the clients budget and desire to ensure a healthy environment, they also suited the authentic cultural experience the cafe needed.

FE served ToC from begining to end with budget, education, coordination, design and furniture build and finishing touches.

We are expanding!

To all of our amazing clients, suppliers and supporters:

Thanks to the support of my amazing family and two great investors who believe in the vision for our corporation, cafe and overall all the activities we currently do and the potential for new ones that we will implement in 2014 we are happy to communicate that we are expandng to the unit next door (Unit #3). This will create additional space that we will use for our Spanish over Coffee, private parties and most specially our already very popular SALSA NIGHT! Stay tuned for updates! GRACIAS, Yury


Dear Salsa Lovers:

I have great news for all of us Salsa dancers or dancers to be: Thanks to the vision of two great investors who believe in our cafe, corporation and specially our Salsa Night, we have been able to secure the space next door to VERY SOON (hopefully as soon as Feb 1) grow our already popular Salsa Night. We will have 4 times more space than we have now to continue to make the only salsa night in Oakville right now BIGGER AND BETTER!

Until then we will continue to run it like it has been and as soon as we can we will move it to the next room!

So, get ready because it will also be a longer night (6 p.m. to 11 p.m.) and perhaps a couple of practice nights on some days of the week as some people had requested. As you might understand the cover charge will have to go up to allow us to pay for the extra unit – so we are trying to work out a reasonable rate for all you (feedback is welcome!).

Tara – our Salsa Instructor will structure the night in a different way so there will be beginners – social dance – intermediate – social dance then some interesting activity (casino – new steps) and advanced salsa for the more experienced dancers. Also we are thinking about many new ideas – participants showcase – etc… that will keep our nights interesting for everybody (suggestions are also welcome!).

We will keep you posted and again, THANK YOU to all of you who keep coming and making our Salsa Nights so much fun!


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