Recognition Award to Yury Wu by Halton Multicultural Council – April 25, 2014

Twitter Feed from Oakville Mayor, Mr. Rob Burton:

 Featured in the Toronto Star:

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Twitter Feed from Oakville Mayor, Mr. Rob Burton:


Please see article in the Toronto Star:

Recognition Award by Halton Multicultural Council – April 25, 2014

Tribute to GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ at our Colombian Cafe

Today was a very sad day for Colombians who lost our amazing writer GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ. To honor his talent and legacy we will be displaying his works / bio / books and paying tribute to his memory all next week after the Easter weekend at our cafe.


We are looking for the best CUMBIA dancer / dancers to offer a very unique series of workshops this summer (to both adults and children) culminating in a presentation to the community. AUDITION is required and full customs as well. Please contact us if interested or forward this information to somebody you know. GRACIAS! Estamos buscando el mejor bailarin / bailarines de CUMBIA para ofrecer un taller este verano (tanto para adultos como para ninos) culminando con una presentacion para la comunidad. AUDICION es requerida. Por favor contactarnos si estan interesados o conocen a alguien que pueda estarlo. GRACIAS! Yury – 416-568-5707 email: