Fair Trade in Music!

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How can a business be / apply the concept of Fair Trade (comercio justo) to music and musicians? In our cafe we benefit daily from the awesome music we play as the background music (latin / salsa / merengue / rumba / Spanish pop /flamenco and more).

Our salsa night requires the most awesome Salsa / Cha Cha Cha / Bachata ever created.

This is how:

Show respect for the music you love by supporting the artists that create it. Pay for their work as you would for another service or equipment.

1. Always buy a vynil / cd / dvd and if online we encourage you to pay for a service that pays royalties to musicians (we buy music in iTunes if we don’t own already own it).

2. If using music for business – pay your yearly fees to your local association (in Canada we pay SOCAN).

If you know another way – please share it with us! Gracias, Taste of Colombia / Fair Trade Colombia

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