Barista Training at our Academy & Coffee Consulting!

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BARISTA TRAINING in Oakville!  As per our clients request (who want to make better coffee at home)  and our very own experience of trying to find qualified Baristas in Oakville, we started our very own training courses at our cafe. You will be able to train with cafe owner and main Barista, Yury Wu.  The course will be very hands on (using our state of the art equipment such as our espresso machine (La Marzocco GB5 EE) and our Mazzer Luigi’s Grinders.

Level 1 cost $299 + tax (same as in Toronto for a few hours) and will run for 3 consecutive afternoons. Therefore, can teach you what you need to know about coffee in the first session and dedicate the other two afternoons to the hands on training. You will receive a certificate of completion of Barista Level 1 after the course. If interested, please send us and email  at or come by the cafe during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to register. You may pay the fee by cash, debit or credit card.

There are also levels 2 & 3.

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To date we have trained many baristas, Colombians & Canadians! Improving the way we make coffee in Oakville, ON – Canada!

IMG_1798 IMG_1800 IMG_1801

2 comments on “Barista Training at our Academy & Coffee Consulting!

  1. I am a cameroonian living in Cameroon a country with alot of coffee but bearly sold in the green beans only and I have being into the buying of parchment coffee from the farmland and the hulling to green beans for over 5 years now but I will like to go deeper as i will like to open some good coffee shops in My country in the nearest future owing to the fact that coffee has alot of nutrietional values that most african still dont know.In this light i will like to undertake some classes barista classes and so will like to know what classes you offer,how long are your classes?,how much do the classes cost ?and lastly do you issue any acceptance for students from international destinations to be able to apply for a visa into Canada?
    i will be hoping to read back from you soonest as I will like to take this classes before Jan 2018 when the next harvesting of coffee begins in Cameroon.
    sincerely yours,

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