Need to contact us? Please do so at:

67 Bronte Road, Units #2 and #3 (El Salon)

Oakville, Ontario, L6L 3B7 Canada

Phone: 289-837-3021

Mobile: 416-568-5707

Map here

FREE Parking on the street or behind the unit all the time; if parked behind the unit you may use back entrance!

We are located on Bronte Road south of Lakeshore. The entrance to the parking lot is on Marine Drive.

7 comments on “CONTACT US

  1. You seem to have a problem with your front door, I saw a couple trying to get into your shop this morning but they couldn’t open it, so they walked away.
    You may want to have it looked at it – Alfie

    • Hello Alfie! What a great neighbour we have! Yes, we been having the same problem for the last 3 days as the low temperature is freezing our metal door! The building manager is aware of it now and we are checking very often but sometimes we cannot keep up! Thank you so much for taking the time to alert us; tomorrow we are putting signs so people know we ARE OPEN!
      Thanks so much. Taste of Colombia – Fair Trade Coffee & Gift Shop

  2. Yury: wanted to leave you a message re our conversation in your wonderful café shop! The name I was trying to remember for show on Columbia is Anthony Bourdain – Sunday at 9:00 PM Take Care,

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  4. Oakville is not convenient for me to travel to. But you seem to be the only retailer of quinoa. Are you willing to ship orders (within the country)?

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