When people come in to our coffee & gift shop one of the first things they notice is our amazing music! Latin Music: Salsa, Merengue, Boleros, Cumbia, Colombian traditional music and much more.

On this page we will be sharing LINKS to iTunes so that with our recommendation, you too can buy exactly what we have in our extensive collection (more than 2,000 songs and counting….)

Every day, people ask us how to get the same music; here we will be publishing links to playlists that we create so you can rest assured you have the original songs.



iTunes Canada



1. Greatest Salsa Classics of Colombia, Vol. 1 – Various Artists

2. Ismael Rivera – Greatest Hits – Ismael Rivera

3. La Negra Tiene Tumba’o – Celia Cruz

4. Lo Que Dijo la Gitana – La Herencia

5. Grupo Niche: The Best – Grupo Niche

6. 20 Aniversario (1962-1982 Historia Musical) – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

7. Greatest Hits – Larry Harlow

8. Sergio Vargas- un Cantante, 3 Facetas, un Gran Artista – Sergio Vargas

9. Hector Lavoe – Greatest Hits – Héctor Lavoe

Amazing Cuban Salsa (classics):

10. Vuela Pena – 5 Leyendas del Buena Vista

11. 5 Leyendas del Buena Vista – Various Artists

12. Guajiro Natural – Polo Montañez

13. Guitarra Mia – Polo Montanez

14. Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club

15. Saludo Compay ! – Compay Segundo

16. Salsa Y Control – Lebron Brothers

17. Willie Colon – Greatest Hits – Willie Colón

18. Como Te Hago Entender – Mi Musica – Roena 1997

19. La Verdad de Joe Arroyo – Joe Arroyo

20. Larry Harlow

Every week we will be adding new links – stay tuned!

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