QUINOASURE – The first and only Instant Quinoa in the world!

June, 2015: We are happy to announce the arrival of QuinoaSure in its new package of 340 grams to our cafe! $12.99 + tax.


We are very proud to represent our producer in Colombia, FACTORIA QUINOA, 100% Colombian Fair Trade and their UNIQUE product: QUINOASURE
Quinoasure comes in a tin of 400 gr of instant and ready to eat Quinoa and it is available right now at our Coffee Shop.

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What is Quinoa you ask?

“Quinoa has the bal­ance of pro­tein and nutri­ents closer to what would be the ideal food for a human being,” accord­ing to the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture).

Sci­en­tific stud­ies of the Acad­emy of Sci­ences of the United States main­tain that:


“Quinoa has the bal­ance of pro­tein and nutri­ents closer to what would be the ideal food for a human being”

United Nations Food and Agri­cul­tural Orga­ni­za­tion — FAO


  • Instant quinoa has a 82% nat­ural pro­tein assim­i­la­tion, over the 68% assim­i­la­tion of raw quinoa grain.
  • Has good taste, smell, tex­ture and color.
  • Suit­able for all ages (in babies bet­ter after 6 months old).
  • Lower energy cost because it does not require cooking.
  • Bet­ter sol­u­bil­ity, digestibil­ity, safety and exceed­ing one year shelf life.
  • 100% nat­ural and hypoal­ler­genic food, great for soft and semi-soft diets.
  • Has instant unlim­ited uses (salt or sweet, cold or hot, liq­uid or solid).
  • Helps con­trol­ling weight and pro­vides energy for long peri­ods using it in the daily diet.
  • Last 3 times more than other nutri­tional com­ple­ments: Use only 5 to 10gr for a fruit shake mix.
  • In soups replaces thick­en­ing ingre­di­ents like flour, mar­garine, milk or cream.


QuinoaSure and Kidsjpg QuinoaSure Facts

IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6289 IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6773 Smoothie Yury Proexport Factoria Quinoa


7 comments on “QUINOASURE – The first and only Instant Quinoa in the world!

  1. I left you a voicemail about shipping to Toronto. Additional questions, can this be used as ‘milk’ for a 1 year old? I need to find an alternative to cow/goat milk ASAP. 😦 Thanks.

    • Hi Caroline, Quinoasure is in powder form but it is the only one in the world that is already cooked. It is 100% quinoa flour. We are out of it right now in Canada, but please feel free to order through Quinoasure.com it is an amazing product. All Natural, organic, healthy and ready to eat! When we have it, we add it to our lattes, smoothies, bake with it, it’s very versatile. Yury Wu – Taste of Colombia.

  2. Hello, I live in the UK. Where can I buy this product in the UK?
    Amazon doesn’t seem to have it.
    Thank you.

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